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Ysgol Carreg Emlyn 100 Club Membership form
Ysgol Carreg Emlyn 100 Club Membership form
Click here to download (pdf).
Once you have completed the form 
return it to the address at the top of the  form.



Please find attached a membership letter in relation to Clwb 100 for 2015-16.


We'd be grateful if you could share with friends and family and get your forms filled out and returned to Catherine as soon as you can.  Paper copies will be made available but we thought we could start getting the word out.


 Diolch yn fawr



Secretary / Ysgrifennydd

Annwyl Gyfeillion / Dear Friends

Diolch yn fawr iawn am eich aelodaeth o Glwb 100 Cyfeillion Ysgol Carreg Emlyn eleni.
Thank you very much for your membership of the Friends of Ysgol Carreg Emlyn 100 Club this year.

Dyma enillwyr am Mehefin/Winners of the draw for  June:

1: £50 Dafyd & Elfair Roberts (27)  

2: £30 Bernard & Glenys Malethan (21)  

3: £20 Catrin Jones (15)

Dyma enillwyr am Gorffennaf/Winners of the draw for  July:

1: £50 Peter Matthews (29)  

2: £30 Simon & Angela Reese (8)  

3: £20 Helen Hitchmough (32)

Prif Dyniad/Jackpot  

 V £50 Rebecca Parry-Jones (33)  

V £50 Bernard & Glenys Malethan (21)  

V £50 Gwenfron Hughes (42)  

V £50 Llyfelys & Carys Rees (25)

Llongyfarchiadau/ Congratulations!

Diolch eto am eich cefnogaeth.
Thanks again for your support.

Deborah Morris, Cadeiryddes y Clwb 100,
Chair of the 100 Club
Catherine Parton, Trysorydd y Clwb 100,
Treasurer of the 100 Club
Tina Roberts, Ysgrifennydd y Clwb 100,
Secretary of the 100 Club